Oregon Community Warehouse

Mission: “Our mission is to help vulnerable populations improve the quality of their lives and become self-sufficientby¬†providing them with basic household furnishings.”

Resources Provided:
Provides furniture and household items at no cost to people in need throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Must be referred through a social worker or other social service agency.

2267 N. Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97227
T: (503)221-0825

Year Established: 2001


St. Andrew’s Emergency Services

Mission:¬†“St. Andrew is a faith community baptized into one body, which honors and celebrates diversity. We welcome and include persons of every color, language, ethnicity, origin, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, and life situation.”

Resources Provided:
Provides emergency food boxes, energy assistance, furniture, and occasional rent assistance. Clothing and shoes also available.

806 NE Alberta Ave. Portland, OR 97211
T: (971)244-0339 or (503)281-4429
Email: emergencyservices@standrwchurch.com

Year Established: 1907