Child Abuse Hotline

Child Abuse Hotline: (503)378-6704


Liberty House

Mission: “Assessment, advice, and support for children and families facing concerns of child abuse or neglect.”

Resources Provided:
child abuse assessment center, safe, comfortable, child-friendly environment.

2685 4th St. NE Salem, OR 97301
T: (503)540-0288

Year Established: 1999



Mission: “to be a catalyst for the transformation of under-served youth through innovative, year-round art and environmental programs.”

Resources Provided:

Year round art programming for children, college scholarships,

Portland Address: 224 NW 13th Ave Box 304 Portland, OR 97209
T: (503)937-3061

Art Center:31500 Blue Lake Dr. Sisters, OR 97759
T: (541)595-0956

Year Established: 2003


Rafael House of Portland

Mission:  “to engage our entire community in non-violent living through advocacy, education, and community outreach, and by providing a safe haven from domestic violence.”

Resources Provided:
Emergency shelter for women and families, advocacy center, crisis line, education, transitional housing, outreach.

Contact: Address is at a confidential location.
Crisis Line (503)222-6222
T: (503)222-6507

Year Established: 1977



Family Building Blocks

Mission:Our primary mission is to keep children safe and families together by empowering families to break the intergenerational cycle of abuse.”

Resources Provided:
home visits, parenting education, therapeutic classroom, family nights, parent-child play groups, respite care, clothes closet, food pantry.

2425 Lancaster Dr. NE Salem, OR 97305
T: (503)566-2132

Year Established: 1997


Growing Tree Children’s Center

Philosophy: “We believe young children need understanding and consistent relationships with adults to foster positive self-images. Programs must be flexible and responsive to children’s needs.”

Resources Provided:
clean, reliable, safe, and healthy environment for children, fell of opportunity for social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

1080 NE 4th St. Bend, OR 97701
T: (541)388-3733

Year Established: 1978


Portland Youth Builders

Mission: “To support young men and women who are committed to changing their lives to become self-sufficient, contribution members of the workforce and their community.”

Resources Provided:
long term support for low income youth, provide education, vocational training, and leadership development services for over 200 young people between the ages 17 and 24 who have not completed high school and who face significant barriers to success.

T: (503)286-9350

Year Established: 1995


Native American Youth Family Center (NAYA)

Mission:  Our united and connected community celebrates our multicultural and multi-tribal heritage as a source of strength. Our healthy community understands the connection between our environment, our culture, our spirituality, and our wellness.

Resources Provided:
Camps and seasonal programming, college and career services, community economic development, community engagement and advocacy, critical services, early college academy, elder services, foster care support, housing, home ownership, catering, construction, parent involvement, and youth education.

5135 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 97218
T: (503)288-8177


Year Established: 1994


Children’s Relief Nursery

Mission: “to keep children safe and families strong”.

Resources Provided:
Teach parent skills, strengthen bonds between parents and babies, provide target services, reduce child behavioral problems, and improve social and emotional development in very young children.


St Johns Site:
8425 N Lombard St. Portland, OR 97203
T: (503)283-4776

Mill Park Site
1245 SE 122nd Ave Portland, OR 97233
T: (503)564-0164

Year Established: 2012


Portland Children’s Museum

Mission: “The mission of Portland Children’s Museum is to inspire creativity, imagination and the wonder of learning in
children and adults by inviting moments of shared discovery.”

Resources Provided:
Museum for children to learn and explore. Educational opportunities. Subsidized membership for low-income families.

4015 SW Canyon Rd. Portland, OR 97221
T: (503)223-6500

Year Established: 1970


Outside In

Mission: “Our mission is to help homeless youth and other marginalized people move towards improved health and self-sufficiency.”

Resources Provided:
Health center, mental health agency, advocacy, leaders in serving LGBTQ youth, job training, needle exchange.

1132 SW 13th Ave. Portland, OR 97205
T: (503)535-3800

Year Established: 1968



Mission: “p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless and transitional youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives. Each year our programs serve almost 900 homeless and transitional young people ages 15 to 24.”

Resources Provided: 
Art education and recreation for homeless youth. Provides a safe space for youth.

338 NW 6th Ave. Portland, OR 97209
T: (503)228-6677




Community Transitional School

Mission: “CTS is a private school dedicated entirely to the needs of children whose families are homeless, in transition and experiencing chronic poverty-related crises. Our purpose is to provide them with a stable, supportive environment that promotes both their personal and academic growth. We combine character education with a curriculum that helps students succeed and develop their individual strengths.”

Resources Provided:
school for children whose families are homeless, in transition, and experiencing chronic poverty-related crisis. Children receive free education and transportation to and from school.

Mailing Address: 6601 NE Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97218
T: (503)249-8582
Email: ctschool@comcast.net

Year Established: 1990


Metropolitan Family Services

Mission: “MFS delivers proven programs to help people succeed at home, in school and in the community.  We are here to support parents and students.  We are here to help our older neighbors.  We are here to connect working families with vital resources. We are here to energize volunteers and inspire future generations.”

Resources Provided: 
Helps families in the Portland metro area that struggle with the many barriers associated with cultural and economic disparities including inadequate education, health issues, isolation, unemployment, and poverty.

1808 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214
T: (503)232-0007 x107
Email: info@metfamily.org

Year Established: 1950


Children First for Oregon

Mission: “The mission of Children First for Oregon is to make long-term, systemic change by advocating for policies and programs that keep children healthy and safe, and strengthen families.”

Resources Provided:
Uses research, public education, and policy initiatives to speak to decision-makers, the media, and local communities on behalf of Oregon’s children and families.

1209 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 14914 Portland, OR 97293
T: (503)236-9754
Email: admin@cffo.org

Year Established: 1991


Partnership for Prescription Assistance-Oregon

Mission: “Our mission is to increase awareness of and enrollment in existing patient assistance programs for those who may be eligible. PPARxOR offers a single point of access to public and private patient assistance programs, including more than 150 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.”

Resources Provided:
Connects qualifying, low-income people with discount prescription drugs direct from the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

T: 888-447-2669



Su Familia–The National Alliance for Hispanic Health Helpline

Mission: “To improve the health of Hispanic communities and work with others to secure health for all. The National Alliance for Hispanic Health is the nation’s foremost source of information on Hispanic health and a science-based and community driven advocate for health.”

Resources Provided:
Hotline offers Hispanic consumers free reliable and confidential health information in Spanish and English and helps callers navigate through the heath system.


Year Established: 1973


Centro Cultural of Washington County

Mission: “Centro Cultural promotes education and economic development, increases cultural consciousness, responds to community needs and celebrates understanding among the diverse groups of our community.”

Resources Provided:
Information and referral to a variety of services in the area. Services offered in Spanish and English to promote social and economic development and meet basic human needs.

1110 N Adair St. Cornelius, OR 97113
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 708
T: (503)992-1556

Year Established: 1972



Mission: “The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.”

Resources Provided: 
Works to establish and uphold the civil rights of the African American community and for people of color in Portland. Legal assistance available.

3527 NE 15th Ave. #125 Portland, OR 97212

Year Established: 1914


Legal Aid Services of Oregon (LASO)

Mission: “The  legal aid organizations in Oregon seek to achieve justice for the low income communities in Oregon by working together to provide a full range of the highest quality civil legal services.  Services are provided throughout the state but due to resource limitations not every community has a legal aid office.”

Resources Provided:
Provides representation on civil cases to low income clients in Oregon. Also provides bankruptcy clinics and self-help classes. See website for various Oregon locations and information.

921 SW Washington St. Suite 500 Portland, OR 97205
T: (503)244-4086
Public Benefits Hotline: (800)520-5292


Immigration Counseling Services

Mission: “For more than 35 years, ICS has been dedicated to improving the lives of Oregon’s immigrant communities by providing affordable immigration legal services and free informational forums. More recently, our mission has expanded to include work with unaccompanied children and to provide social services for survivors of human trafficking.”

Resources Provided:
Provides low-cost immigration assistance to low-income people by helping families apply for reunification, assisting people fleeing persecution, and educating people about citizenship process.

519 SW Park Ave, Suite 610 Portland, OR 97205

Year Established: 1879


CASA for Children

Mission: “To advocate for a child in the foster care system who has been abused or neglected and to get them into a permanent home safely, quickly and effectively.”

Resources Provided:
A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) ensures that all children receive quality care and education from informed parents and qualified child care professionals in Multnomah and Washinton counties.

1401 NE 68th Ave. Portland, OR 97213
T: (503)988-5115

Year Established: 1985


Asian Family Center

Resources Provided:
Provides outreach to refugees, case management for low-income refugees at risk of becoming homeless, youth services, family law services, family strengthening services, and cross-cultural training in Multnomah and Washington Counties.

4424 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97213
T: (503)235-9396 or (503)823-2073


ACLU Oregon

The Oregon Affiliate of the ACLU is a non-partisan organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of civil liberties and civil rights.

We believe that the freedoms of press, speech, assembly, and religion, and the rights to due process, equal protection and privacy, are fundamental to a free people.

We advance civil liberties and civil rights by activities that include litigation, education, and lobbying.

Resources Provided:
Provides information and legal assistance for cases dealing with constitutional and civil rights in Oregon. Please visit their website for assistance eligibility requirements.

P.O. Box 40585 Portland, OR 97240
T: (503)227-3186

Year Established: 1920


Oregon Community Warehouse

Mission: “Our mission is to help vulnerable populations improve the quality of their lives and become self-sufficientby providing them with basic household furnishings.”

Resources Provided:
Provides furniture and household items at no cost to people in need throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Must be referred through a social worker or other social service agency.

2267 N. Interstate Ave. Portland, OR 97227
T: (503)221-0825

Year Established: 2001


Housing Authority of Portland/ Home Forward

Mission: “The mission of Home Forward is to assure that the people of the community are sheltered. Home Forward has a special responsibility to those who encounter barriers to housing because of income, disability or special need. Home Forward will continue to promote, operate and develop affordable housing that engenders stability, self-sufficiency, self-respect and pride in its residents and represents a long-term community asset. Home Forward will be a community leader to create public commitment, policy and funding to preserve and develop affordable housing.”

Resources Provided:
Provides permanent housing units as well as Section 8 subsidies.

135 Ash St. Portland, OR 97204
T: (503)802-8300

Year Established: 1941


Community Alliance of Tenants

Mission: “To educate and empower tenants to demand safe, stable and affordable rental homes. We believe that housing is the basis of a strong community. So we bring tenants together to organize and collectively advocate for fair and equal protections in housing practices and policies.”

Resources Provided:
Educates, organizes, and develops the leadership of low-income tenants to directly challenge unjust housing policies and practices.

2710 NE 14th Ave. Portland, OR 97212
T: (503)288-0130

Year Established: 1998


Vancouver Summer Adventure

Mission: “The goal of Vancouver Summer Adventure is to get families to Eat Smart, Play Hard, Experience Nature, Learn, and Serve.  Vancouver Summer Adventure challenges families and friends to have fun together, leading to a healthier community!”

Resources Provided:
-Provides a calendar of fun, health events in the Central Vancouver area
-Sponsors events and education in the community
-Gives children a place to record their summertime activities with a sense of accomplishment
-Awards prizes to children and schools participating in the challenge to eat smart, play hard, experience nature, learn, and serve




Center for Family Success (North Portland Housing Resource)

Resources Provided: Provides information and referral for housing options and services. Visitors may use internet-ready computers and resource materials to search for available rental housing, housing services and home buying opportunities.

8010 N Charleston Ave. Portland, OR 97203
T: (503)286-0600


Year Established: 1993


Oregon SafeNet (2-1-1)

Resources Provided:
Helpline providing statewide information and referral services for community health, social, and mental health services, immediate care health services, pregnancy and reproductive health services.

621 SW Alder, Suite 810, Portland, OR 97205
T: (800)723-3638
or call 211
Email: safenet@211info.org